Scheduled daily flight from Lagos to London Stansted, Luton etc.

For further information, please call the numbers below;

0814 1276383, 0814 127 6422.

– Passengers travelling into Nigeria must carry out COVID-19 PCR test and present with
documentary evidence a Negative COVID-19 PCR test result, not be less than 5 – 7days from
the date of departure.
– Upon arriving in Nigeria, passengers will be required to repeat the COVID-19 PCR test at a
government testing facility within 72hrs. Those who test negative shall be required to self isolate for 14 days, while those who test positive, would be transferred to a government facility for treatment.
– Passengers going to London would need to fill out contact tracing form.
– Passengers going to London should be prepared to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.                                    – Passengers going to London, if they are not UK or EU citizens will need proof of a visa, right
of entry or onward flights details.
– Passengers travelling to the U.S should get details about states with movement restriction or
that require a COVID-19 Negative test result to allow entrance.

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